Employee Mortgage Benefits Program

The Employee Mortgage Benefits Program (EMBP) will provide the following benefits:

•  Educational workshops on home buying

•  FREE Credit Consultation ($400 Value)

•  FREE Appraisal ($300 Value)

•  Financing Options to Help you Buy with No Money Down

•  Cash bonus on closing to assist with Closing Costs

•  Special Rates for Homeowners’ Insurance

plus more……………..

To learn more about the Employee Mortgage Benefits program, check out the short video below.  It is a free benefit for employers to offer their employees.  If you would like your employer to be contacted, please complete the contact us form or call us.  We will call you back to collect more information about the person who is responsible for benefits at your company and will give them a call to present the idea.
[youtube id=”We_RnbtVTJU”]